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April marks the start of tuna fishing off the coast of Costa Dorada. Tuna pass the Strait of Gibraltar to spawn in the Mediterranean Sea. We fish off shore, about 20 to 40 miles from the marina of Cambrils. These areas have a depth of 800 to 1000 meters with interesting undersea structures, weed lines, clean water and temperature breaks that attract plenty of baitfish. These waters provide plenty of predators like bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, swordfish, etc

During the early months there’s trolling for smaller tuna (about 10 – 30 kg) but towards the summer months the bigger fish start to bite. This is when the huge bluefin tuna of 200kg, 300kg and even 400kg can be landed.
In the in shore areas around Cambrils and Hospitalet there are very interesting jigging spots. This fishing technique, very popular at the moment, consists in vertically fishing a jig of 50 grams to 250 grams. We have a list with hundreds of coordinates with interesting rocks, wrecks, weed lines, etc. Here we can catch “denton”, amberjack, palometa, dorado, sea bass, mackerel, bonito, etc.

The shallow waters of the Ebro Delta are a superb area for spinning and popping. The palometas and the bluefish hunt for little baitfish at the surface and popular lures are big yellow poppers, all kind of fancy plugs, feathers and other various artificials.
For those who don’t want to go too far away from the coast, there’s inshore trolling. Generally spoken we troll with small lures to catch mackerel, horse mackerel, bonito, barracuda and others. With bigger artificial bait and with life bait (squid, octopus or small barracuda) we chase palometon, bluefish and amberjack. Good months are July, august and September.

The deeper areas can be fished with downriggers, sometimes a big denton or a massive amberjack …
Chumming or chunking is a fishing technique that works very well during the summer months. We let the boat drift and we attract the game fish (especially tuna) by constantly baiting with sardines, mackerel and other small baitfish. This technique is very successful to catch giant bluefin tuna. In our area we catch them at a few miles from Cambrils. You don’t have to go that far away to catch the bluefin tuna of your dreams!

Normally we fish within a 40-mile radius from Cambrils and L’Hospitalet de l’Infant (Costa Dorada, Tarragona). Interesting fishing areas are the Ebro delta, L’Ametlla de Mar, La Almadraba, the wrecks of the Sant Jordi Gulf, Cape Salou, “Les Mamelles”, “El Rinyo”, etc.

However, if you wish, we can organize trips to the Columbretes Islands, we can make a crossing Cambrils – Palma de Mallorca – Cambrils, etc. Just to give you an idea: our boat “Il.lusio” has been in the Strait of Gibraltar and even in fishing contests in the Canary Islands… So, you set the limits!
David Bono is the skipper of the “Il.lusió”. He has a vast experience in these type of boats and, for example, classified second in the Catalonian Fishing Contest in 2008.

Miguel Sánchez, better known as “Garrote”, is the captain of the Altair 8,5m and fishing guide of both boats. He’s an absolute fishing expert and knows all the tricks, hidden spots, etc. He won the Catalonian Championship Inshore Trolling, the Guasch Fishing Constest (twice) and the Catalonian Sea Fishing Contest.

Both participated, as guide and skipper from the “Il•lusió” in the “World Big Game Trolling Championship Clubs” of Javea in 2008. They were in charge of two French teams and an Italian team.

Nobody can guarantee the catches, but with these two guys you will have the best chances to enjoy a perfect day fishing with many catches…
There’s a large number of species that can be caught in the Mediterranean Sea; however, a lot depends on the time of the year, the fishing area, fishing techniques, bait, etc…

For example, you can catch all year long bluefish, amberjack, sea bass, grouper, horse mackerel, etc

The tuna species like blue fin, yellow fin, long fin, bonito, mackerel prefer visiting our areas from April until end October. This doesn’t mean that they disappear; there are always a few individuals that prefer to stay. We’ve caught more than once bonitos in December for example.

Rare species are sharks and swordfish…

Both boats have the best Shimano rods and reels. We have all the bait on board: hooks, bait, swivels, lines, all kind of lures etc…

Week’s fishing in Spain?
5 Days sportfishing and or tuna fishing near the Ebro Delta is possible from 3000 Euros for 4 Anglers. We fish with an American centre console boat that you can see HERE This price includes the boat, captain, gasoline, tackle, bait, licenses and insurance.

You can stay in a 2 bedroom apartment from 399 Euros per week, in a villa for 6 persons with swimming pool from 1100 Euros per week or you can get a double room in a 4-star hotel from 69,99 Euros per night. (All prices are subject to availability)

For example: you can go one week sport fishing near the Ebro Delta with 5 fishing days from 3399 Euros for 4 persons. This is 849 Euros per Angler!

Contact us now for more information

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