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It’s a long time we wanted to make a website with good fishing boats in Spain. Too many times we arrived somewhere and all of a sudden you want to go fishing. Where do I find a boat? What tackle will I find? Who will be the skipper? Etc… The problem in this business is that there are a lot of good anglers, but there’s a lack of professionals in organising fishing trips.

I’m sure we’re not the best fishermen, but we’re very good in organising a good fishing trip. We have two excellent boats: an Altair of 8,5m and a Tiara of 11m.

Our skipper has lots of experience and our guide knows all the best spots and has the best information. On board we have shimano rods and reels, we have all kinds of bait, … so… what are you waiting for? Book your boat now and you’ll never forget this fishing day.

There’s lots of fish this summer in front of the Costa Dorada Coast. We don’t want to be too optimistic, but last week we had a lot of fun catching bonitos with small jigs. During the Guasch Fishing Contest almost everybody caught bluefish and palometon up to 6kg… Also we went big game fishing last Friday and we caught 5 beautiful tuna of about 30kg each. What a fantastic day! And, a few days ago, Miguel (our guide) caught a 200 kg bluefin tuna (chumming). What an animal! He had to battle during 4 hours to land it. Congratulations!
C/ Republica Argentina 34, 43892 Miami Playa, Tarragona, Teléfono: 651 377 316, contact@gamefishingspain.com

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