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GameFishingSpain.com is a company from FishermanHolidays.com with headquarters in Belgium.

Since 1994 we are specialised in organizing carp fishing trips to France and the Netherlands.

This year 2009, we decided to offer commercial fishing boats in Spain, as we noticed that this sector is very poorly organized. Good professional charter fishing boats are hard to find in Spain. For the moment we have very few boats in our offer, but for the 2010 season we plan to have the best big game fishing boats of the major Spanish marinas on our website.

Enjoy your fishing trip!

Best Regards,

Thomas Komen
C/ Republica Argentina 34
43892 Miami Playa
Phone: 651 377 316
C/ Republica Argentina 34, 43892 Miami Playa, Tarragona, Phone: 651 377 316, contact@gamefishingspain.com

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